Measured innovation

Measured innovation


Launching a unique and exciting new design tool to the technology world

InstruMMents is the world’s first dimensioning tool. Created for designers, architects, craftsmen and engineers, it is a pen-like device that allows users to accurately measure irregular shapes - be it 2D sketches or 3D objects. It can just as well be used to put up shelves as it can to measure a curve in a wall or building blueprint.

The team at InstruMMents got us on board to help launch the product in the UK after a successful campaign of crowd funding on Indiegogo. The goal was to introduce InstruMMents to consumer and technology media in the UK, helping to drive awareness and sales of the innovative measuring solution.

During a three month launch period, over 30 pieces of coverage were successfully achieved in top titles including T3, London Evening Standard, Metro and Monocle as well as a full review in The Guardian.